Fall Symposium

Fall Symposium Student Talk

A primary goal of the Landry Cancer Biology Consortium is to foster interdisciplinary interactions and collaborations across Harvard’s vast campus. Scientific breakthroughs that occur in many different fields can impact our understanding and treatment of cancer, but in order for this to happen, scientists in different disciplines, who might not normally interact with each other, must come together. Even more importantly, budding scientists exposed to research from different disciplines are often inspired to "think out of the box" when they see juxtaposed presentations from vastly different disciplines. For this reason, the Co-Chairs developed an annual Landry Cancer Biology Consortium Fall Symposium, designed to showcase the wide array of cancer research taking place across Harvard.

2019 Fall Symposium - Understanding How Cancer Hijacks Developmental Processes

2017 Fall Symposium - Developing the Future of Cancer Therapeutics

2016 Fall Symposium - 2nd Annual Fall Symposium

2015 Fall Symposium - 1st Annual Fall Symposium