Peer Advising

The goal of the LCBC Peer Advising Program is to connect incoming and younger graduate students interested in Cancer Biology with senior graduate students in the consortium. We hope that this network will help you navigate through the many uncertainties in the first few years of graduate school, with the help of peers that have had similar experiences.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about:

  • Choosing rotation labs and advisors
  • Preliminary Qualifying Exam (PQE)
  • Coursework
  • Being involved in student groups
  • Dissertation Advisory Committees (DACs)
  • Work/life balance in grad school
  • Career goals
  • G3 (or anytime really) slump
  • Living in Boston
  • Anything else!

LCBC Peer Advisors

Beatrice Awasthi Alissandra Hillis   Bing Shui
Beatrice Awasthi

G4, Haigis lab

Alissandra Hillis
G4, Toker lab

  Bing Shui
G6, Haigis lab